Frequently asked questions:

If you want to train targeted your surf moves, then go for the Carver C7!
If you also want to cruise within town or skate from A to B, then take the Carver CX.
Pumping and surf turns feels great on the Carver CX. However the Carver C7 is just a bit more surfy.
To choose the right board depends on your body size, your shoe size and your personal preferences.
The bigger your are, the bigger your board should be.
On bigger boards its easier to balance. For beginners we recommend to choose a bigger board.
Skateboards also differ in curvature, the so called concave. The less the concave, the easier to control the board.
If the deck is above 9 inch you should take the 6.5 inch truck. If the deck is smaller you are also fine withe the 5.0 inch truck.
In total the 5.0 inch truck is 20 cm wide from end to end. The 6.6 inch truck is 24 cm wide from end to end.
Wheel size, diameter:
Surfskate work best with wheels in the range from 60mm to 70mm diameter.
Small wheels are better in skateparks, on transitions or in the bowl. Bigger wheels are better on bad streets or higher velocity.
Durometer, hardness: The higher the durometer (A value), the harder the wheels. Soft wheels have more grip while carving. Hard wheels make slides more easy.
We recommend 78a which is solid in all conditions.
You can either pay with Paypal or with bank transfer.
With Paypal we can proceed your order immidiately. If you pay with bank tranfer, we ship your order when the money is transfered to our bank account. You receive our bank information with the confirmation of your order.
We ship your order within 24 hours with DHL after receiving the payment.
Shipping Cost Germany:
Orders above 100 € shipping is free.
Orders below 100 € shipping cost are 4,90 €.
Shipping Cost Switzerland:
9 €
Shipping Cost rest of EU:
16,99 €
From time to time we have testboards for sale which are not in our online store. Send us an email and we provide you pictures.
You are a surfcamp, sport club or anything alike and want to order a couple of boards. Please get in touch!

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