Monsta Carver ... the ultimate surfing crosstrainer

Ricky Schaffer

Skateboard: Carver Monsta Trucks: Carver C7

Ricky Schaffer illustrates how the Carver Skateboard will help you to surf better than you've ever surfed in your life. He explains the mechanics behind the Carver C7 truck system and demonstrates the basic surf manoeuvres: bottom turn and cutbacks.

Carver Skateboards - Summer Vibes

Geoff Segara, Jake Smith

Skateboard: Carver Serape, Carver Swallow Trucks: Carver CX

Surfing on land: No matter if bottom turn, top turn or cutback, these guys surf on land with their Carver Skateboards.

Blazed and Amused

Jared Mell

Skateboard: Carver Eggbeater Trucks: Carver CX

Whether on land or in water, Jared Mell demonstrates retro surf style with his single fin surfboard and the Carver Eggbeater.

Taylor Knox the Style Master

Taylor Knox

Skateboard: Carver Fort Knox Trucks: Carver CX

Former world surf league competitor Taylor Knox improves his pody position and fluid surf style on the carver skateboard. Every carve is maximized for speed, power and flow. Watch the slow motion filming and learn!

Back Alleys and Beach Breaks

Kent Nishiya

Skateboard: Carver Eggbeater Trucks: Carver CX

Kent Nishiya shows how find smooth lines with super stylish stance. In the water his surfing is progressive and the turns are radical.

Endless Wave

Surfskate Scene Rimini, Italy -

Skateboard: Carver Skateboards Trucks: Carver CX, Carver C7

Surfing on flat days: Italien surfers and Whitezu created an urban surfskate wave.